As temperatures soar, Denver students return to schools without air conditioning

As thousands of students at Denver Public Schools (DPS) returned to class Monday, many of them sat in classrooms all day without any air conditioning.

It’s an issue Denver7 has been following for years, and one the district continues to address.

“To be able to teach and learn in a room that was 95, or the mid-90s, it was not uncommon here at all,” said Mia Martinez Lopez, West High School’s principal. “It was every day that I would check the temperature and just be gearing up for knowing that we would be having to make different plans to move kids out of classrooms that were too hot.”

As students at West start a new school year, they’re finally finding some much-needed relief.

West was one of 11 schools that had air conditioning installed over the summer. DPS officials told Denver7 Monday 13 more schools will have air conditioning installed in their buildings over the next year. It’s all thanks to a $795 million bond voters approved in 2020.

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