Pelosi says U.S. administration wants more funds for coronavirus relief -CNN

WASHINGTON, April 7 (Reuters) – U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called her to ask Congress for more money to help small businesses hobbled by the coronavirus pandemic, and said she agreed an existing program for small businesses “really needs money right away, because of the demand.”

But, in an interview with CNN, Pelosi said Democrats would have “certain considerations” if they were to go forward with more money for the program. “We want to make sure the program is administered in a way that does not solidify inequality in how people have access to capital, but instead, benefit to everyone who qualifies.”

Pelosi also said President Donald Trump is undermining the oversight of coronavirus economic relief with his move Tuesday to oust the leader of a watchdog panel. She said the next economic relief bill should have more funding for people’s immediate needs and election resources but that infrastructure is not off the table.

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