Stock futures plummet on oil shock, virus fears


(Reuters) – U.S. stock index futures plunged on Monday after Saudi Arabia launched an oil price war with Russia, sending crude tumbling 25% and intensifying fears about a global recession. The Dow Jones Industrials index .DJI was set to fall over 1,300 points at the […]

U.S. stock futures sink by 5% down limit after crude rout


(Reuters) – U.S. stock futures plunged 5% to hit their daily down limit and halt trading after the biggest single-day loss in oil futures in almost 30 years on Sunday exacerbated fears of a credit crunch across financial markets. Saudi Arabia’s plans to hike crude […]

World shares trampled in coronavirus panic, oil prices plunge


SYDNEY (Reuters) – Global share markets tumbled on Monday as panicked investors fled to bonds to hedge the economic shock of the coronavirus, and oil plunged more than 20% after Saudi Arabia slashed its official selling price. Investors drove 30-year U.S. bond yields beneath 1% […]

Wall Street coronavirus contingency plans – the state of play


(Reuters) – As the coronavirus spreads in the financial hub of New York, financial firms – led by the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association (SIFMA)– have triggered their contingency plans and are taking other precautions. As of Sunday, here is the state of play: […]