New Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard® offers the highest cash back in the market today

Keep your financial health in check by making smart decisions on your expenditures. For a start, having a cash back card that helps you save as you spend.

If you’ve been shopping more to replenish your fridge and pantry, or get household necessities during this circuit breaker period, now is the best time to get your hands on a cash back card that will help to make the most out of your essential expenses.

When you get overwhelmed by the plethora of cash back cards available in the market, consider two things — how much cash back you can get and where you can use it to enjoy its benefits.

The new Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard stands out with the promise of offering the highest cash back rate. There are also no complicated requirements as to where you can use it to get a cash back, so you won’t have to stress about how to maximise the product.

Here’s what you can expect when you sign up for this latest product from Citi.

Get guaranteed 1.6 per cent cash back

The main value of the Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard is the rate of the cash back that you can get. The card gives its users 1.6 per cent cash back — the highest rate in the market today — which is applicable to any purchase on any given day. Pay for groceries, food or entertainment with it and you can be sure of getting a 1.6 per cent cash back in your account all year round.

Enjoy limitless cash back

Cash back cards often come with a number of spending requirements before you can enjoy any savings. But the Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard has no minimum spending requirement and no cap on the cash back that you can earn. No matter what you spend on and how much it is, you can expect to get 1.6 per cent cash back in your account. The card can also be used across all spending categories, thus eliminating the hassle of tracking the type of transactions you have to spend on to get cash back.

Redeem your cash back instantly on-the-go

Every cent you spend is worth it with Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard — and you will be able to see and track that down easily with your phone. Enjoy the convenience of redeeming your cash back through City Pay with Points to use on partner merchants, or have your cash back credited directly to your account through SMS. The redemption is real-time, so users can get their cash back instantly. The cash back, instead of miles or rewards, can go a long way in your daily expenditures and savings.

Enjoy a welcome gift

Until June 30, sign up for the Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard and enjoy 4.5 per cent cash back on up to $5,000 spend in the first three months. That can earn you up to $225 cash back, which you can redeem for your next grocery run or to save up for a rainy day.

Visit this link to check the requirements and to apply for your own Citi Cash Back+ Mastercard now.

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