Cooking the Books podcast: Why you need a will much younger than you think

Each week the NZ Herald’s Cooking the Books podcast tackles a different money problem. Today, it’s how to get a will sorted the easy way. Hosted by Frances Cook.

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You need a will when you’re still young – much younger than you expect.

Yes I know, none of us like thinking about death, and frankly many of us feel broke and like we don’t have much to leave to loved ones, but you still should consider a will.

If you have sentimental jewellery that you’d like to leave to a particular someone, a few thousand dollars that might help out your partner, or even a car that you’d like to go to your car-enthusiast friend, you need a will.

Without one, your property can end up in different hands than you might expect.

The court process can also drag on for a long time, and cause more pain to your grieving loved ones.

Importantly, setting up a will doesn’t have to cost heaps.

For the latest podcast I talked to barrister and solicitor Dee Holmes, from Community Law Waikato.

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