Co-op’s £5 ‘freezer filler’ deal which feeds a family of four is back

We're almost half way through the month and you might be feeling the pinch a little bit before pay-day? Well don’t worry because Co-op is making sure your freezer is full to the brim.

Until 24th March you can feed a family of four for just £5 with at Co-op's latest freezer filling deal .

Just pick up a box of: Birds Eye four chicken burgers , Birds Eye two Southern fried chicken grills , Birds Eye mini potato waffles , Birds Eye mixed vegetables and a Cadburys Double Decker ice cream tub all for a fiver.

All items must be purchased together to qualify for this deal. If you were to buy all the items separately, it would set you back £10.75 – so you're getting better than half price savings.

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If you haven't already, why not sign up for a Co-op membership for £1 , which buys you a share in the company and 5% back to spend next time when you buy Co-op products.

You’ll also receive tailor-made offers on what you regularly buy.

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If you thought feeding your family for £5 was a good offer then think again as there are some incredible half price deals on essentials available in store and online.

Tropicana pure orange juice is half price , now just £2 until 24th March. You can also get 240 Tetley resealable tea bags for £3.50 until 7th April.

For biscuit fans classic McVities milk and dark chocolate digestives are £1.35 until 17th March and Philadelphia Original , light , lightest and Garlic and Herb cream cheeses are only £1.

As part of the supermarket's ‘fresh three’ deal, on until the 24th March, you can get a pack of three red onions for 79p , a box of mushrooms for 89p and some gorgeous on the vine tomatoes for 99p too.

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